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If you’re ready to break out of old patterns, a Life Coach can work with to help guide you, look at setbacks and limiting hurdles, enable you figure out blind spots to help you make better decisions.
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A Leap of Faith eBook

A Leap of Faith

An Island Girl’s Journey to The Desert

Just like that, the person I thought would be my friend forever was gone, that was about six months before graduation. All my years of high school wasted on a boy. But no matter how devastated I was, I decided I would go to college…

Denise Banfield-Fletcher

DBF Essentials

Who is Denise:

Denise a committed Life Coach who specializes in personal development. Spending most of her professional career in various leadership roles, Denise has been tested, trusted, and proven to be a leader. Using her own life story as motivation, she has continuously worked to get the most out of her trainees and ensures that participation is built around an uplifting and success driven mindset.

About Me:

”I am a passionate and driven people-person, I constantly strive to inspire and motivate women to move beyond their comfort zones and learn how to experience life on their own terms. During these times of uncertainty, I committed more than ever towards providing unwavering support, uplifting guidance, and passionate leadership, every step of the way.”

Our Services

When it comes to self-discovery, we all need a lite push sometimes. Our Services offered will empower clients by assessing their goals and help to develop an actionable plan to achieve them. We will identify how to actively change a client’s life by connecting to identify passions and learn how to create what you crave.

Creating Your Best Life Now

Live your best Life

Coaching sessions with Denise are specifically designed for each individual client. Whether it’s Identifying your purpose, awakening self-discovery and setting achievable goals, Denise will help you come up with strategies and a plan of action based on what fits best with the client’s vision.

Licensed Life Insurance Agent 

​Life insurance is a declaration of love and caring.  Usually when an income earner dies, survivors have to quickly make tough financial decisions. You want to protect the financial security of family members if you’re suddenly not around to provide it. Choosing the right type of life insurance is important but confusing, but it’s also an important decision.

Denise will help you select the right coverage to secure your family’s future.

Life Insurance Agent for United States clients only

Life Coaching

Are you searching for:   

  • Finding and Living Your Purpose 
  • Creating a Vision for your life  
  • Better Manage your Time Manage Transitions 
  • Managing Transitions 
  • Managing Time 
  • Finding Work/Life Harmony 
  • Accomplishing Sound Goals  

Together with Denise, you will work on recognizing your authentic self, focus on creating obtainable goals and build applicable habits to move you closer to yourself, and develop an action to bring to life the success you dream of. 

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